Thursday, 9 September 2010

Getting back in the saddle!

It feels like ages since I had the time to get all of the sewing things out and organised, which I can tell is bugging me because I have started to dream about the things I am going to make.

Last night it was applique lettering and bunting and I have had a recurring dream about a sequel to the fish cushion. It needs to be catty, so it needs to feature paw-prints or whiskers somehow. I am starting to get itchy fingers!

I have been getting my sewing(ish) fix from fabric shopping though, and have bagged some fantastic old curtains and pillowcases from charity shops. As expected, North Norfolk is a rich source of charity bargains for 'upcycling'. Suffolk didn't deliver quite so well, but the hunt will continue in Derbyshire over the weekend. Thank goodness for the excuse to visit a dispersed family.

Now I just need to get cracking...