Monday, 4 July 2011

Congratulations Mangle Prints!

It is always good to hear when things are going well and it is particularly good when you know the people involved.

I read on the Folksy blog here that Mangle Prints is one of the top 5 most visited shops on Folksy last month, which is great news. The prints and cards in the shop are really beautiful and even better, made in Norfolk.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda when I booked onto a lino printing course in the spring where she showed us some of her stunning work. She was also extremely patient while guiding a group of absolute beginners through the basics of lino cutting, inking and printing.

The course was run at the Hare and Hen ceramics studio at Burnham Deepdale in Norfolk which I would also recommend. Not only is it great to learn something new, but you also get great soup for lunch.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

New stock has arrived!

I have just spent a fun few hours cutting up pictures rather than fabric, to get everything ready for display online. I can now happily report that the Folksy shop is stocked up! New pictures and beautiful bunting, all now filling the virtual shelves.

Until now it has just been the mini bunting and personalised bunting in the shop, and it has sold a few and generated a few direct enquiries which has been definitely worthwhile. But I have made so many other bits and pieces that haven't made it online that it became almost too big a job to tackle.

Folksy is a very user-friendly place for the most part, but the photos have to be loaded in square format which means that every image has to be edited to fit before you can begin displaying anything. Which also means you have to take pictures knowing that you'll lost 15% at each side when they are finally viewed.

Hence it is a Bit Of A Job and gets put off. But yesterday, I finally did it all and am jolly pleased with how it all looks. And now there are just one or two bags to get online, mainly held up because they need to be modelled by someone (usually me) and I need to get someone else to take the pics. As a quick taster, here's one of them...