about me

I originally caught the sewing bug as a child: with a talented mum making wonderful dresses for every occasion, it was really bound to happen.

Starting with a few oddments of clothing, I finally made it to the dizzy heights of ballgowns and bridesmaids dresses and, for the most part, loved every minute of it. I inherited a wonderful old Bernina sewing machine which did sterling service and accompanied me on my travels from one student house to another.

Finally settling, I (and the machine) turned our attentions from dressmaking to homemaking and I have discovered a love for bunting, decorations, curtains, quilting and toys. I learn something new with everything I make and like to challenge myself to do more and better. And as I now find myself with the time to indulge my interests, I am enjoying being able to make things for other people too.

This blog is just my attempt to share the things I enjoy, from sewing to my latest jam recipes and cake making experiences.

And why 'says alice'? It's not my name, but it is a lovely reminder of my Grandma, who thought I looked like the little girl in the A.A. Milne book pictured alongside the poem. Thanks Honeybun.

Just in case that isn't enough, here is a list of randomness. I have loved reading these on the blogs I lurk about reading and can't resist starting my own. To be edited, added to and amended ad hoc!

1 - I am vertically challenged
2 - I am helpless at choosing coloured paint or upholstery
3 - I also dislike living in a house that feels like a doctor's waiting room
4 - Probably unsurprisingly, all of my bed linen and towels are fresh and white
5 - I always wear black clothes for work
6 - I rarely wear black out of work
7 - I hate hoovering
8 - I secretly love The Archers
9 - I thought I would write a novel one day
10 - I am not very good at writing fiction
11 - I don't have a 'best friend'
12 - I can't settle on my first night in a new place
13 - I have got ridiculously strong fingernails
14 - I have been vegetarian for 25 years
15 - I have had meat cravings for 25 years
16 - I would love to sing in a choir just for the fun of it
17 - I haven't flown since 2006 (except gliding once, does that count?)
18 - I love great big cat hugs
19 - I prefer clear cut patterns and to blurry fuzzy ones
20 - I am an IT numpty
21 - I like living in the burbs
22 - I love Minis
23 - I used to be an outdoor pursuits instructor
24 - I am married
25 - I would like to keep ducks
26 - Sometimes only a cup of tea will do
27 - Frasier and Niles make me laugh
28 - I very occasionally get migraines
29 - I love Marmite on toast
30 - My first proper gig was The Communards
31 - I blush easily and obviously
32 - I have never had a McDonalds burger
33 - I enjoy surprises
34 - I have a terrible streak of toilet humour
35 - I got engaged in a place called Hope
36 - I lose hours looking at place names on maps
37 - I am slightly OCD at mapreading
38 - I find it a bit strange when people know things because they have read this blog
39 - I am comfortable with silence