Friday, 13 April 2012

Making space

This week we have had a bit of a change around at home, something we have talked about a lot, but always sidestepped the upheaval and kerfuffle.

In an unplanned, spur of the moment decision (brought on by the fact that I had lots of work lined up, which I'm very pleased about!) we swapped two rooms around and managed to create a corner that is my own, dedicated sewing space. Until now I've been split between two rooms for working and storing / filing, which have inconveniently also had a flight of stairs between them. Good for the exercise, not for productivity.

Not any more though - look at my new workspace:

The best bit is all the natural light from the big window and a new bookshelf for all of my tat.
At last, somewhere for the clothkit doll to sit and a hook on which to hang the needlecase.

The silly thing was that the entire move around, including cleaning and sorting out a pile of jumble, took less than two hours. Why did we put it off??