Friday, 25 March 2011

Folksy Friday

This is my first Folksy Friday and I hope you like these things as much me.

We had a lovely drive through the countryside yesterday and we were lucky enough to see a partridge standing beautifully by the side of the road. They are really stunning birds and it is great to see some people doing them creative justice :-)

This is a lovely one isn't it? There is something almost Christmassy about it (although not a pear tree in sight).

It is by Dee Beale and she has a couple of other in her folksy shop"

This is a beautiful brooch too and looks almost like a biscuit...
I rarely wear brooches but as this doesn't have hugely strong colours I can imagine it being  very easy to wear.

It is by Jude Allman:

Last but far from least is this beautiful cushion from Helkatdesign. I love the little flock and the purposeful step!

Helkatdesign can be found here:


I am doing a craft fair in the summer and hope to book a few more for the Autumn, so I have started to stockpile a few of these. I have spotted them in quite a few Folksy shops so I don't think I'll put them online, but hopefully they will go quite easily as a low cost option at a fete.

I have a couple of ideas for slightly different ideas and I hope these will get on to Folksy in due course.

In the meantime, these have proved fab for doing something productive on the days when I feel uninspired. A bit of sewing, stuffing and buttoning later and bingo, something is finished.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Packaged and ready

This week has been a busy one getting everything organised for a new venture, working with a lovely local craft shop and gallery here in Norwich:  Grapevine

I popped into the shop earlier this week (which is well worth a visit by the way, lots of lovely goodies) and asked if they thought bunting would be of any interest to their customers. After being very patient with me having no idea about how all this works, they were generous enough to give it a go! So you can now find a range of Says Alice mini-bunting in Grapevine, which, for me at least, is very exciting indeed :-)

Luckily I had quite a few strings ready to go, but I did have to think about the packaging a bit. I had some cellophane card wrappers which worked perfectly for the mini bunting, but I played with other ideas too. It would be nice to rely less on plastic, but as I had these and they fitted well, I ended up with the cellophane and will review it when I have more time (and inspiration).

The big bunting wouldn't squash stylishly into anything that I have at all, so I have ordered some new wrappers which will hopefully fit them better. Fingers crossed for Monday.

Hope you all have a fab weekend! I'm off to bake a birthday cake for a party at the weekend...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

You don't have to look far...

... to find something lovely at the moment.

These were tightly, tightly closed when I got them last Friday and now look, they are blowsy, big and beautiful. Didn't take them long to get going.

I have them on the windowsill for this photo but they have been sitting next to me on the sideboard, close to where I do most of my sewing. Thinking about it, I ought really to have some extras beside the computer which is where I seem to be spending a fair percentage of my time, but that would require forward planning...

I have just noticed that if you look very carefully you can see a black tub of daffs outside the window too, which are still just spikes of small leaves. They were planted in tubs last year and then buried, as they were put in a bed which needed a 'big dig'. We finally got the energy to do the digging last week, so the daffs in tubs are awaiting replanting. I'm thinking the view from the desk might just need cheering up.

Lots of sewing to do today plus some exiting things for Says Alice. I'll report back!