Thursday, 19 May 2011

I made a changing bag!

The sharp eyed among you will notice that this is already on the pages of things I have made and will be making more of.

There is no other excuse than being a bad blogger who makes stuff and then runs out of time to write about it. I meant to put this up as a work in progress sometime back in April but suddenly it is nearly June and the bag has been with its new owner for weeks. Luckily I snapped a few shots first.

This is the first time I had used the pattern, which I downloaded from here. It is a pattern which has some lovely bits and pieces on it. I didn't really know what to expect from a pattern pdf and had huge fears that it wouldn't all fit together. But I was careful with my measurements (chanting prep prep prep in my head to stop myself rushing forward and making mistakes) and it all came together perfectly.

In fact the only real issue I have is that the bag is described as a small bag for when you only need a few bits and pieces. Honestly, if you tried to carry a bigger bag you'd need to put wheels on it.

I have already pinned up the pattern pieces to make a couple more for the fair coming up in a few weeks and then the shop. After several million strings of bunting, it is also nice to make something three dimensional.

Hope you are all making progress too!