Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fishes and coasters

This is the fish a bit closer up and also a set of coasters I ran up to go with them, from a web based tutorial.

They looked cute, but not tremendously practical so I'm not sure I will be making many of them!

Sewing update

I thought it was about time I updated on a bit of craftiness. I made this cushion for a friend as a very belated birthday gift.

It came together much easier that I expected it to and I really enjoyed just making something up rather than following a pattern or instructions. I had the fabric left over from curtains and quilting and just had to get some buttons for the fastening at the back. The idea for the pleating came from a skirt I have seen in an old instructions book. I thought it looked like waves, but in the end it was good just to have a bit of texture.

I like having these challenges and it always feels lovely to be able to give something that is a true original. And weirdly it does usually turn out OK, even if I feel like I am winging it at the beginning!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Our blackcurrant harvest...

... probably won't see us through the winter.

Yes, that is an egg cup and there really are only five lonely berries in there. Should have left them for the birds really, but I could see them from the kitchen window and I felt the need to harvest.

Luckily the onions are doing fine and the sweetcorn and tomatoes seem to be heading in the right direction. The cabbage whites are enjoying the cabbages and I'm hoping the carrots look more impressive underground than they do above.

I am chalking everything up as great experience and must must must remember that if I am the only person that likes something, it is probably not worth filling the veg patch with. Courgettes take note.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have a go at gliding, courtesy of a very generous birthday present. It's fair to say I was a bit nervous, much to the amusement of T.

It's the first time I have flown in 4 years following the onset of a severe dislike of airports (brought on by too many delays, uncomfortable seats and expensive food). Windrushers gliding club in Bicester was slightly different - the passenger lounge is a coach on the airfield and the pilots bring their dog to work. Far more civilised!

When I was finally in and fully briefed on how not to become an 'untethered object' in the cockpit, the whole thing passed by almost too fast. It took a few minutes to believe that the thing wasn't about to fall out of the sky and once you did, it was quite an amazing experience. I can highly recommend it.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The trusty Bernina

While searching for the dressmaking images I remembered this which I took a few months ago - my much loved Bernina.

This has more than earned its keep, having been my Grandma's before it came to me, and since then having soldiered through two lots of bridesmaids dresses, a few ball gowns, more curtains than I care to remember, learning to quilt and all kinds of knick knack gifts. It can do far more than I have ever mastered.

It is currently languishing in need of a service and a rebalance. I have somehow managed to get the tensions out of kilter, making the top-thread jam and snap. Since the arrival of the new Frister-Rossman I have been far from attentive and have resolved to get the poor thing sorted and back into use next week.

I'll report back...

Bunting 101

I have been making a few trial runs of things and this is the result of Bunting 101. Made from T's old work shirts and pillowcases, it didn't turn out too badly.

The sewing came together with no problems but the cutting out was a bit laboured, so still some refinements to be made. I also need to get a more glamourous backdrop for photos (or to finally get around to oiling the table...).

I might also dig out some old photos of dresses I made years ago, although when I find them I might change my mind!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The cat being used as a experiment

Not fair, I know. The cat always gets the 'first picture on the blog' spot.
Poor chap didn't even get a chance to pose.
But he should take heart from being part of a successful training exercise in getting pictures from the computer to the blog without significant user error.
Doubt it is the last time he'll be helping me out.

A bit of a redesign

The faffing continues...
In fact I think blogs may be a big black hole of time spent faffing, but I do like the idea of having a place to record progress. Maybe not leaps and bounds, but slow and steady.