Saturday, 17 July 2010

The trusty Bernina

While searching for the dressmaking images I remembered this which I took a few months ago - my much loved Bernina.

This has more than earned its keep, having been my Grandma's before it came to me, and since then having soldiered through two lots of bridesmaids dresses, a few ball gowns, more curtains than I care to remember, learning to quilt and all kinds of knick knack gifts. It can do far more than I have ever mastered.

It is currently languishing in need of a service and a rebalance. I have somehow managed to get the tensions out of kilter, making the top-thread jam and snap. Since the arrival of the new Frister-Rossman I have been far from attentive and have resolved to get the poor thing sorted and back into use next week.

I'll report back...

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