I love making bunting! I make it in all colours, shapes and sizes and keep a fair few in stock all the time. Scroll down to see more, including:
  • themed bunting
  • mini bunting
  • personalised bunting
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Themed bunting

These really are almost personalised, as they are made to suit the child closest to your heart. Each string has medium sized flags to make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use so it is great to dress up a party or become a feature of a bedroom.

It can also be big and bold, like the red white and blue garden fete bunting. The choice is yours!

Each of the appliqued strings (pirates and fairies) has 8 beautifully handmade flags, all double sided and made from high quality cottons. There are two appliqued flags and three each of matching colours. The string measures just over 2 meters in total, including a short stretch of header tape at each end for fixing. The flags are closely spaced together and measure 13cm from the point to the top of the tape.

The cost is £10 per string, plus £1 postage and packaging.

Mini bunting

Smaller, cheaper, but just as cheerful as the full sized stuff, this has been really popular.

Each string of mini bunting costs just £7 including all postage and packaging (within the UK).

Each string has 12 flags, each of which is double sided with the same print. The string measures approx 2m 15cm at full stretch, including 40cm of plain tape at each end for easy hanging. That leaves about 1m 35cm of flags. Perfect for a mantlepiece. The flags have a vertical drop of about 9cm from the top of the header tape to the point.

Personalised bunting

One of the things I love making is personalised bunting. There is something special about a beautiful thing with your name on it - I still can't quite walk past stands of pencils or keyrings or magnets without checking there isn't an 'Ellen' hidden away. Sometimes I get lucky :-)

You can get bunting like this either from my Folksy shop or by emailing me direct and just letting me know what kind of thing you would like.

Here are a few of my latest strings:

The cost is bespoke for each piece and works like this:  £1 for each plain flag and £2 for each appliqued flag. For instance...

- Emily would cost £12 (2 x £1 and 5 x £2)
- Grayson would cost £14 (2 x £1 and 6 x £2)
- Toby as illustrated here with the addition of two picture flags would cost £14 (2 x £1 and 6 x £2)

Hope you enjoy them!