Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is now very nearly here and the season of plenty has well and truly arrived. We still have a pretty decent dusting of snow so as long as it stays cold we look set to have a crisp white day, which would be lovely.

The snow has been less beautiful when it has been in the way though and it very nearly caused us to have to spend Christmas in Oxford. The road there was some of the worst driving I have ever had to do, with the option of turning around blocked by skidding lorries and fishtailing cars. While a Christmas away would have been lots of fun in many ways, it would have left a lot of our Norwich family with no Christmas dinner. And I would have had to find a way to use up a large bag of cranberries and a half hundred weight of sprouts in January!

Now we are home safely, it is just left to say Merry Christmas to everyone and to wish you all a fantastic New Year.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the pic. I'm sure it doesn't do it justice, but I love the shadows on the wall made by the twinkling lights on the tree. It's like the winter version of water ripples reflecting the summer sun. Except a bit chillier.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, 10 December 2010

What's under the Christmas tree?

We were scrolling through our pictures from last Christmas and this popped up. Jester loves the outside coming inside and always make a beeline for a great vantage point under the tree.

Last year he even stayed still long enough for me to take a picture of him, even though I have managed to make Santa sit on his ear.

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas preparations. It has well and truly arrived here, with the cake decorating done, the fairy lights twinkling away and the tree making the house smell amazing.

Today the season of plenty will be reinforced by the first batch of homemade mince pies, a ginger cake, wreath making, present wrapping and a curry for tea. Well, you can peak too soon!

I should also say thanks to everyone who ordered some of the Christmas bunting. I have been busily sending strings out all over the country which has been lovely and a great stepping stone towards getting a bigger range of things organised for the Spring. It feels like a challenge, but one which I am now really looking forward to.

This time last year I was halfway through serving my notice at work, considering what I was going to do with my new-found independence. Ooooh, I can feel a review of the year coming on....