Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Folksy's updates

I have been a seller through Folksy since the beginning of the year and have found it a really useful place to do business.

Some of this, if I am honest, is legitimacy for selling through other channels as you just look a bit more official if you have an online shop. But I have also had a steady trickle of sales and referrals which has certainly made the process of setting up and keeping the products online worthwhile.

Now Folksy is going through a relaunch which has caused all kinds of debate between sellers, particularly those who have used Folksy as their main channel for some time. In fact, some have been told that they no longer gave a place in the folksy community, because the vast majority of their products are not 'crafted' - this could mean they just assemble a pendant and a chain, or attach an earring hook to a charm. I guess the principle is that this is manufacture rather than craft.

I have huge sympathy for these folk - we all buy things like those that they make after all, and someone has to make them and sell them somehow. However Folksy is trying to become a retailer defined by unique products and limited availability, which I understand too.

I'm lucky to have come to the party recently and have watched the debate from the sidelines. I think I'll reserve judgement on how well the new design serves me until I have tried it out and whether I get sales. For now I'd be happier reading about the Folksy corporate marketing plan - how do people find Folksy and how can I serve them best? That kind of advice would be invaluable...