Monday, 18 October 2010

Things I discovered today

Today, I walked into the city from home, a journey of just over an hour on foot each way.

On a mixture of country lanes, suburban roads and city streets, this affords a pretty good opportunity to have a mooch about and mull over stuff in general. Today though, I was distracted. And these are the reasons why:

1 - I was badly dressed. Two hours of walking requires sensible shoes: a ladies lunch calls for Jimmy Choos. Or at least shoes of a far less sensible variety.

2 - Aforementioned sensible shoes have developed a squeak. Annoying on any level, but particularly because it sometimes did it and sometimes didn't.

3 - A threat of rain called for an equally sensible coat which blew about like a flag all the way there and has now got fluff from my scarf attached to all of it's velcro bits. Wrong scarf, wrong coat, wrong everything!

On the up side, I caught up with a great friend, resisted the cake in the cafe, bought a fantastic and less flappy bargain coat, acquired a few library books and got some exercise. And the sensible shoes did mean that I could swooosh through all of the autumn leaves that are already starting to pile up everywhere. Beat that, Jimmy Choo!

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