Tuesday, 26 October 2010

To blog or not to blog?

The more I blog the more I find myself interested in other people's blogs. I find myself clicking into half a dozen of the ones I visit most regularly instead of doing the job in hand - blogging myself.

I think of myself as well behind the curve in the blogosphere, in that I am technically challenged and only just getting to grips with the idea of sharing some elements of my life with a very public audience. But some of you out there have been doing this for years. And years and years. Some have even finished one blog and started another.

I do find myself becoming a bit of a blog snob though. Huge pictures from other people's sites / brochures / catalogues with no dialogue other than 'I just love this' doesn't do it for me, and nor does a blog which has clearly turned the corner and become a commercial website. A link to etsy or folksy is fine, as is a page of the kinds of things you make, but front page ads? In fact, ads of any description are offputting.

If I ever head in this direction, poke me with a Mac pointer.

But I do love the blogs that chat, give insight and illustrate. There is certainly a dialogue that I as the reader am happy to play my part of, even if it is only as a stat in the page traffic. I like to go back and find out what happened next (or before) and to link out to the blogs which have inspired the writers I enjoy.

I guess what I am stumbling towards is the conclusion that one of the reasons I enjoy blogging is other bloggers. You are all just far to good at it!

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