Monday, 8 November 2010

Holiday update

We have just returned from a fantastic week in Cornwall, rescheduled at the very last minute when our intended holiday in northern France was cancelled due to the strikes. You need petrol to drive across France unfortunately...

On the up side, we got a wonderful cottage at the last minute on Lizard point and got the opportunity to have a look around a very beautiful county. The pic is from Perrenporth beach at sunset. It got properly rosy and orange a few minutes after I took this, but I like the dog. It isn't ours, it was just very happy to be on the beach and in our photo!

We can recommend the fishing villages, stone circles, art galleries (the Tate in St Ives of course), the pasties, cream teas and the sea views. If anyone can recommend a good post-Cornwall diet, I'd be grateful!

Now we are home and getting back into the normal routine. I have a few sewing projects with a very fixed deadline of Christmas, so once the washing mountain recedes I think it might be high time to get started. Then there is jam and mincemeat to make, the christmas cake to make and a gazillion other long overdue jobs to do.

Blogging definitely important though. Definitely!

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