Monday, 17 January 2011

New year? Where did it go?

Well, that wasn't exactly the way to start a blogging good 2011. Middle of January and no updates at all. Shocker.

Luckily the sewing hasn't been quite so sporadic. I have made a pair of cotbed duvet covers and pillowcases which took have hopefully eased the work of the dummy fairy, as well as a draught excluder and a couple of leftover strings of bunting.

The draught excuder is (badly) pictured to the left. It is double sided (check on the outside and floral inside) and has a tube lining that is held in by ribbon bows at each end. The idea is that it is easy to post and also to stuff. It works on our landing so I'll get a couple more done for the launch of the new Folksy shop in the next few weeks.

Next up is a doorstop design that I dreamt up over Christmas. I'm all about adaptability at the moment and hopefully this idea will make it possible to use a variety of stuffings and weights. Let's hope it comes together without too many tweaks.

What I am not telling you is that I have just made my worst set up muffins ever. They were supposed to be diabetic friendly, but the only thing they did really successfully was prove how essential butter, eggs and sugar are to cakes. Bicarb of soda might make a cake look OK, but the flavour just isn't there. At all.

Lesson learned...

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