Monday, 28 February 2011

Spring is open for business

Well, it is here anyway!

Just as we start to get the garden ready to face the year, it seems that we have been overtaken by things springing into life around us. The grasses are growing back, the asters are showing signs of life and the daffodils won't be far behind the snowdrops at this rate.

After another weekend of shifting oak leaves, one mountain at a time, and we finally felt safe enough to take the cover off the pond and the newts rewarded us by coming up to have a stare (probably to get air, but as the fish were entirely unmoved I like to think something was paying attention to our efforts!).

In honour of spring, the pic is my 'spring greens' bunting which is over on the folksy shop. It is also the first one to have a sale which is VERY EXCITING! Have I said that loudly enough? Brace yourself, I'll say it again - VERY VERY EXCITING!!

It was also featured in a lovely folksy friday entry on a blog called Blingery, which I must figure out how to do...

For now, I hope you are all starting to feel some of the joys of spring too :-)

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