Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Playing with ideas

Thank goodness the sun has returned to Norfolk today.
Photography was a disaster yesterday!
By far the most common order I get is personalised bunting, which is also one of my favourites as I can check I am getting it exactly right for the little person involved. With the ones I hold as stock, like the fairies or pirates or jubilee colours, I make something that I love and hope that everyone else does too. I also hardly speak to the people involved: an order arrives and I pop it into the post asap.

Maybe it is because sewing is a largely solitary pursuit but I love the little bursts of conversation that come with getting a personalised order just right. Choosing the right fabric combinations and making sure the letters stand out without being too dominant.

It makes it all a little bit more sociable which adds to the fun. And I like things to be fun :-)

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  1. I totally agree with you, it's so lovely to hear from someone who just loves what they've received, especially when you've put all the love and attention into each item. I've just sent out a special order and I can't wait to hear what the buyer thinks .... pop over to my blog for a peek of my makes.

    Fleur xx